CYO Philosophy

CYO Athletics endeavors to help young people be more Christ-like in the way they live. CYO programs focus on the total development of participants in order to influence the formation of Christian values. CYO sports are a significant component of a member’s ministry to its young people. CYO therefore requires the support, leadership, and supervision such a program needs. CYO Athletic programs foster the development of physical skills, social skills, emotional growth, affirmation of gifts and spiritual strength. The young person, not the athletic activity, is the primary focus of CYO Athletics. Therefore, we believe that:


  • All CYO Athletic programs should be well organized and maintain standards of high quality.
  • All athletes on a team have the right to participate in the game (Mandatory Participation).
  • Participants should have the opportunity to be involved in athletics at an appropriate age/grade level.

The coach is critical in CYO Athletic programs. The coach’s primary role is that of youth ministry leader, therefore, the coach should strive to act at all times as a model of Christ-like values and behaviors. The coach serves young people as a teacher and a mentor who helps them learn important lessons through all athletic experiences. Successes are important for any team. It is the role of the coach to enable the athletes and parents to see success not only in terms of winning. The coach teaches, that by setting achievable personal and team goals and striving for those goals, everyone is successful and “a winner.” In CYO Athletics, success is not measured by the final score. Success is measured by the effort of individuals striving to achieve team goals while respecting themselves, their teammates, and their opponents and at the same time having fun.


We affirm that the heart of CYO Athletics and the key to its success is found in the many volunteers who freely give of their time, energy, resources, and expertise. It is the right of everyone associated with CYO to expect volunteers and CYO Staff to model the values and ideals of our Catholic faith. Volunteers therefore must develop their skills through participation in mandatory training to help them learn the CYO philosophy and bring it to life at the parish or local level.

All CYO Athletic programs should contribute to faith building efforts for young people. These programs can be effective tools when used to invite, welcome and involve all persons into the life of the faith community. The inter-relationship of CYO Athletics with family life, parish life, and school life is essential.


CYO Athletics is committed to the acceptance of and love for people of all nationalities and races. Through our CYO program we work to build a community and a bond of unity that leads to caring for one another in the ways that Jesus taught.